ॐ Come flow with me at Love Hive Yoga on SE Burnside in Portland. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 am to salute the sun and welcome the day. ॐ

I teach yoga to bring my community together doing what I love. My classes combine asana with plant spirit medicine and other charka healing practices. They are light-hearted and joyful, teaching students that it's just as harmful to take ourselves too seriously.

“Pia could not be any more inspiring. I love how her warmth, humor, and focus anchors the place. Taking her Yoga class for the first time was very helpful with being one with my body. Lately I’ve been really stiff and needed something like this. I am a beginner at yoga and Pia helps explain the poses while going around correcting your posture if needed. That definitely helps improve the progress. The class lasted for about an hour and a half, which was a great length of time. Towards the end she sprayed therapeutic spray across our bodies and had soothing words for relaxation time. If you haven’t taken her class, I recommend going. Thanks again, Pia! I enjoyed your energy.” -Katelyn Donovan, Writer, Los Angeles CA